About Me

    Hi, My name is LeAnn Hasselbeck owner of LeAnn’s Flooring by Design a locally owned and operated Flooring store, I have 25 years of flooring and Design expertise, Along with a desire to make remodeling (at least the flooring, counter top, and custom shower portion of it)  simplified. My favorite part of my job is meeting new people and helping  bring their vision to life. I love remodels where you mix the new with existing. 

Oh and BACKSPLASH gets me excited too,  when selecting products for the new store I got plenty of options for you to choose from.

I look forward to meeting you and helping with your next project.



Why we stand out

         When investing in your home, would you prefer to get COMPETITIVE PRICING, or would you choose EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE?

 I know... what  an unfair choice. We all work hard for our money and when we‘re spending it we expect be treated with the utmost customer service.

@Flooring by Design

I believe you deserve both and if you give me a chance to earn your business.  you will get BOTH! We offer competitive pricing along with exceptional service,  which includes all the assistance needed with your selection, we won’t rush you or just SELL you something. Our goal is to help you create a space that you love coming home to, while  educating you along the way, so you're able to  make an informative decision on what products are best for your project and your budget.